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Laurastar S PLUS

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Ironing system with an integrated steam generator, a professional iron and an active board.

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Equipped with a 2-speed active board, an integrated steam generator and a professional iron, the Laurastar S PLUS ironing system diffuses an ultrafine, powerful steam which adapts to all fabrics.


The Laurastar range features a unique type of steam, which purifies fabrics deep down. It eliminates the organisms that cause the allergies of modern living (humidity, insulation, heating, etc.) and prevents them from multiplying. Its high temperature, its ability to penetrate fibres, and its power mean that this unique steam destroys dust mites, bacteria and other fungi that resist warm wash cycles (40°C). Laurastar steam ensures that your clothing and linen are completely clean and hygienic.

* Scientific tests carried out by Scitec Research SA laboratory in Switzerland.

Doplňkové údaje / Laurastar S PLUS

Autonomní žehlení Neomezené
Žehlící plocha Broušený hliník
Iron weight 1,26 kg
Product type Ironing system
Typ systému proti vodnímu kameni Filter with granules included
Tlak páry Konstantní tlak, 3.5 baru (zdvojený objem)
Kapacita nádržky 1,2 l
Výkon ventilátoru 16 VA, 2 speeds
Weight 19.0000
Značka Laurastar
Výkon 2200W
Barva zelená
Pokročilé funkce Držák nádržky, Kontrolka prázdné nádrže, Kontrolka připravené páry, Odkládací plocha, Viditelná hladina vody


  • Start and auto stop
  • Removable water tank
  • Integrated wheels


The Laurastar brand strives for quality and excellence. Though already recognised as the world’s leading specialist in ultra-fine and powerful steam, it is constantly innovating to push the limits of perfection. Pulse steam, 3D active soleplate, automatic steam, active board and professional iron are all unique technologies which help you to obtain unparalleled ironing results.

Professional iron

All Laurastar irons are equipped with a unique professional soleplate. It diffuses an ultra-fine, powerful steam which adapts to all kinds of fabric and allows you to steam your clothes vertically. Its round shape prevents creases.

Active board

Equipped with a blower and vacuum system, the Laurastar active board protects your fabrics whilst breathing air into your clothes. The blower system automatically positions the fabric optimally on the board. It creates a cushion of air to prevent creases. As for the vacuum system, it allows you to hold the clothing firmly on the board, making it easier to iron out creases.

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